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A challenge to scripters

I have a little challenge for you:

Ive just completed my mod 'Toriboxing' and it will soon be up with its own server however i intend on continuing work on it and updating every now and then.

The challenge i have is for someone to produce a script for me that will cause all of a players joints to fracture if they take a certain amount of damage to the head in one frame.

Example: If a player takes lots of light taps to the head doing 5-10,000 damage then nothing will happen, but if one hard hit causes 20,000 or more damage then there whole body fractures and they go limp, as though they have been knocked unconcious, at which point they would fall to the floor and be DQ'd.

If anyone thinks there up to it, or if you want to tell me that my idea is ridiculous and wont work, please dont PM me because i dont read them, post your reply in this thread, thankyou :o)

the idea is great, though i would prefer the body just slumping so that you can't flex or hold the muscles anymore, since that would be more realistic...

can't help you with actually doing the thing, though... sorry
i dont think you could make a mod for that maybe in lua but i dont know what that is but i dont think it could be made with a mod, i am pretty sure.
And if you were pointing too lua you sould write in that section.
Yeah u can tell it to do things for a certain amm of dmg to the head. Talk to joker, hes like the poptart of LUA, u can find him the the LUA section.