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!!Toribash Lua coding contest!!
Hello, i am hosting a Lua coding contest :o the winner will receive a reg-key.

the rules are:
- No modding someone else's script, like Suo's double arm cannon script cant be entered because it is a modification of Jok's.

- Only one entry per person, you can post as many as you like, but you can only choose one to pick as the one you want to enter.

- A poll will go up when we have 10 entries or after 10 days go by, and the poll will run for 7 days.

- No flaming or spamming here, don't just post to quote someone and say "yeah i agree" or just post "nice script i like it" try to put a little detail in yours posts. :s

- Most important rule: Have fun!


Sounds mint.

Although... I think Jok and NewbLuck have something that could win by a mile! ;-)
don't unban, he has hard coded userid bypasses everywhere.
Can we post one entry as a team and one as an individual? >.>

Meaning x + y post a script as a team, and x also posts another script made on his own.

If so, I'm in x 2. : D
I was thinking of learning Lua script...but holidays are over so I don't really have time anymore...well I'll leave you guys to it. =D yeah, I'd say Jokker, Newbluck or Dafe will win, they have so far made the best scripts...
A team huh... hmm fine, but uh, because you are already entering one, the team one will count as the other person's and they will win the reg-key if they win the poll, cant let you have a better chance by having two entries on the list :s


My entry!
hi everyone.. its tha first time im gettin at this thing so chill out i hope you guys enjoy this..

Its juz a mini-game which randomly generates the position of quads and all u have to do is to pair them up by clickin on the multiple cards of same values.. so if you are waiting in a queue with nuthin to do u can play this! =D

Timer is on the shown on the bottom right and the score is on the bottom left..
the score increment is fixed for now..

enjoy !
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Depends on the script, I think. The script I'm working on right now runs in MP.
someone write a script to play blackjack while you wait. love

<Ownzilas> Alright
<Ownzilas> 3'2 then
<Ownzilas> Half PID's dick.