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so.... can it be done or not?

Nope. I had a look into how much code it'd require. It'd run slow. Very slow.

However, what will be added is a way to fracture a joint. So that could be used. Meaning, it gets cut off, bam, fracture. Will be tough too, but easier in the whole perspective.
lol, so HOW long will that take? Take ur time, we can wait =p

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I must admit, seeing this script would be pretty impressive, it always bugged me when I decapped someone how they would still be living and moving.
I think it'd be great if you decaped the opponent and then *snap*! Their whole body fractures.
Then you could play with a limp ragdoll!
What a kowinkidink, I just began learning lua for the psp.
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i think the fracture things a good idea. anything not connected to head is immediately fractured
Already done, Bobo. I think the thread is called "Realistic Fracture", even though it's not realistic.
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My script in realistic fracture does this.
Oh no! Own goal!?
Actually, this is very realistic to do and would run fairly fast. I basically do the same check operation for 4 joints every turn in punchout, along with a gob of light trig, and there's no real heavy slowdown. I think the way you wanted to go about it is right, as far as checking a pre-made distance table that you build at start of match, with a +- .01 or .02 allowance for compression and stretching that joints do (do they? looks like it sometimes, lol). Use Pythagorean theorem to check distance (you can use the function i used in punchout if you want to save time) between a joint and the one its connected to, and if distance exceeds the distance in the precomputed table, then set the a limp flag in a table for that joint to 1, along with all the other ones its connected to heading towards outside of limbs. After all that checking, then every frame iterate thru the flag table and force limp the joints that are flagged. Worth a shot anyway...

Another way to totally prevent slowdown from distance checks would be to only do a distance check for both players when one takes damage. If there was any lag, that should pretty much solve it. Give it a shot! This will be a sweet script
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