Head Texture of the Month: Finish It!
Presenting my newest replay

Boom Bap Bam I l kill children


I rushed on this whole replay, but i dont think it came out that bad. The turn was eww. the roll was ew. the jumps and running was ew. But i had fun
havent seen a parkour replay in a while, the first few hundred frames felt slow yet still fluidi see you started getting into it after the mario jump styled drop xd

the replay is nice but if you wanna absolutely kill parkour you should constantly rewatch the replay even after a step just to perfect it
add some epic mainstream flips into the mix and you got a stock replay in no time
Awww ty. I'll work on that, my laziness gets the better of me a lot of the time so I end up just doing things that don't look good. I'm nowhere near a stock replay though.

I'll make sure to work on the fine-tuning of the replay on my next one.

Ignore the name of the replay cause this isnt very lifelike.

Made this 2 weeks ago or smth like that, and i already improved an okay amount. new replay coming once ghostflow makes his part on the collab

I actually dont like this replay, but i needed something to post
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the opener is kinda twitchy. some other problems i see is the way your foot is during the sailor moon launch. the right arm in the second twist is kinda out of sync. other than that, you have this very satisfying smooth style, really very pleasing to the eye. good job!
bad mannered
replays nice and you got power but the only bothersome thing i saw was you didnt really let your legs fully extend or contract and there was a time from 1310 onwards where your knees just felt lonely lol
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Hello, and welcome to the under-rotated dub cork collection.

Under rotated dub cork 1

under rotated dub cork 2

I'm too lazy to make a better opener so im gonna keep trying with this until I have time to make a more powerful raiz.

Actually idk if you can call that thing a raiz
your raiz and cork launches arent really that strong, whats stopping you from getting dub corks and very good looking corks in general is the launch itself, the higher you want your cork to be, the higher the previous launch has to be

i suggest you get a pretty powerful raiz and then try on from that

also the raiz felt weird because you actually did almost half a rotation while in the air, while most raiz have little to 0 horizontal rotation to them
More dubs attempts

another one

Sorry for the shitty opener lmao

I'll be putting your advice into practice soon epoch and halue

I realize i still need more height and ill work on that soon I promise, but no promises.