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pigkings spares
i am a 3rd dan blackbelt i no i suck but here are some of my replays.
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cool.rpl (825.7 KB, 15 views)
asd.rpl (666.0 KB, 10 views)
owned!!.rpl (591.7 KB, 14 views)
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yea the owned one i acutally won but when i seem to save replays they dont go through the whole thing and deridor if you have the full version please post it up
I didn't like the first two. The last one was great, compared to the other ones.

Reason: Well because on the first replay, the opponent wasted time holding onto your arm while you are struggling to let go of his/her grip.

On the 2nd replay, you haven't done any good moves in there while I was all over you.

But the 3rd, I seen a few great moves. Only few flaws in my opinion, you were stiff and you could have ran across the bridge besides kicking yourself across it.
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lol thanks but i faced off with grayve and it was a close gamebut it got cutoff so you can only see the first few parts of it