Guess you cant please them all eh lel

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pretty average. would not call it epic by any means.

mostly dms and abd _

And pretty average? Please describe what your aikido matches turn out like.
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Well it seems you like throws, i like to break people.

PS. i like throws too. :')
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Wow snake, you act like you're an aikido god or something. You post that "true aikido" bullcrap everywhere(even in a realism org pffffffff) claiming you're the only person who's playing it right. You call his replays average because he doesn't use "throws" like you do. who the hell cares what you play like??

Anyways, that was a really nice replay. You actually THREW you're opponent out of the ring. (I loved how he was spinning in the air xD)
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if i ever claimed myself to be aikido god or something among these lines - quote me. otherwise, please don't bother accusing me, thank you.
If everyone did throws in aikido i wouldn't play it that's for sure, and please link me to the aikido rule book that says that isn't a throw.
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Wow nice man, you're much better than me at aikido so far, btw snake abd is aikido an the name say that the only difference is the dojo size that's it.
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