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Poop tries to blow your mind.
Dug this up the other day \o/
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You're doing pretty good. It just takes time to find your own "personal style", if you will.
You seemed to have overextended abs in some parts. Try not to do that because it looks kind of awkward, lol.
Also, try to stay rotating in one direction the entire time, it gives the replay more flow.
I like the helicopter kick thing you did, you actually made using your hands for balance look good. :o
Try not to use your hands for balance too much, as it looks rather bad. Gj
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I Liked Largekilla's part.

You're saying this on Poop's thread? ;o
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Thanks Irrita i've been putting all of your Constructive criticism to good use :P
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i made a parkour today needless to say i went full yolo.
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I'll pretty much agree with Irrita.
But I'm gonna add that you'll get better, better than you think you will be... All you need is more training, the more you play, the better you'll get.
Just don't get too arrogant, you'll lose everything you gained, I'm not really one to judge, but I like your replays.
Check out my replays? :D
Your wall jump in "unrealism" was really good, there was some other good flow in it. Try to keep your body vertically to get used to the fact you move up with your legs and use your arms to give you balance. A good sparrer / parkourer try to plan his movements. Of course, not 3-4 moves in advance, but when he starts a movement, he "knows where he is going". Try to cut your movements in different phases: run, landing on the feet to prepare a jump, jumping, landing, run again, etc. in your mind to make things more clear, that helps a lot.

Anyway, I am waiting for more ;)

My Youtube channel : Mocucha Toribash

At first "unrealism" was a race but our server crashed haha, and mocu maybe we could make a spar?

Thank you guys i will post another soon :^)
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My opponent platabear had to go so i did some tricks instead
(lp 1 poop)
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