I will refer to my girlfriends as "Nerd" and "Witch. You will learn throughout the story why they have these handles.

Well, I met the Witch while traveling Panama and Colombia with my ex-fiancé. We met in a hostel in Medellín where the Witch spotted my Fiancé and I chilling.
We had breakfast together. The Witch told us that she is capable of reading Tarot cards and offered to do that for us. We happily agreed and enjoyed the experience.
During the reading, I smiled at her kindly, which, as she later admitted to me, turned her on.
We spent the whole day together, with a short break for everyone to run errands and do their shit alone.
In the evening we reunited to go partying together.

Side story:
On the previous night my ex-fiancé and I had gone on an adventure to purchase weed. It went quite well. We asked one cigarette vendor where we can buy weed. He pointed across the street. We walked across the street and literally only asked one single person, the shadiest looking one. He did not have the weed on him. The punishments are draconic there. They have a different kinda system there:
We gave him money, he walked away to return after roughly 20 minutes. We weren't even wondering if he had scammed us because he seemed nice and humble, despite his shady look. Then he wanted a tip. We did not have any more money so we told him that we will give him the money later. He agreed. Funnily enough we met him again like 2 hours later and gave him the money.
So yeah, that is how we got weed. It was a lot of weed, actually. Very high quality weed too. Made me stoned as fuck for sure.

Main story:

So using our adventure weed, we got high. My ex-fiancé does not smoke weed, so it was the Witch and I. Before we went partying, she showed us her whip. She uses a flashy whip with LED lights to dance in the club, which she would later show us.
So we went partying, they tricked me into a gay bar but protected me from the gay vibes with their female hot vibes. That worked well.
Then we went into a dance club. It's reggaeton everywhere, but fuck it. At the club, we went to the second floor where everyone was close to fucking. If you have been to Central America clubbing before, you will understand. It is pretty wild (at another occasion I was fondling two sisters right on the dance floor at the same time, nothing special there. That was in Bogota, lovely city.).
Ex-fiancé went out to smoke. After a while the Witch went out to check on her while I remained on the dance floor. Having nothing to do, I look around and find a big circle where people are having dance offs. Me being me, I just walk straight into the center without hesitation. People cheer at me while I dance around awkwardly, but then I try to leave. The crowd pushes me back in, not letting me out of the circle. Having nothing left to do that felt naturally to me, I resorted to do a weird mockery of this weird Russian dance where people squat down on one leg while stretching out the other one and crossing their arms. No fucking idea what it is called and I have never danced it before so I don't even understand how that got into my system. I was that high I guess.
Anyways, people loved it. A hot black chick who wore basically underwear twerked into my dick. That was lovely.
The Witch walked up to me and told me "Of course you are in the fucking circle.” She was worried that she lost me in the crowd and looked at the one spot, where it was easy to find me: The middle of the dance off. Hey, it worked.

So we are there, alone. Naturally, I try to kiss her. She is hardcore about consent though and so she was like "Oh, excuse you.” with a lot of attitude. So respecting her boundaries, I kindly asked her if I may kissed her and she said yes. I kissed her.

We ended up spending a whole week together, despite me and my Fiancé traveling on to Karthagena. The Witch simply booked a flight to see us there. Flights are crazy cheap there because everyone is so destitute. RIP global warming.
In Karthagena we basically did nothing but party and chill at an Airbnb. At one occasion the three of us had a cuddle party on MDMA together. We could have had a threesome but I did not agree to it when the Witch asked me because I thought it would be weird to fuck some girl with my ex-fiancé. I am pretty sure my ex-fiancé would not have liked it either, despite the fact that the Witch was hitting on her hard.
Better not to challenge your luck and it is important to be a good person, guys. Don't stretch it. Respect your limits. Very important.

So that is basically how I met my one girlfriend.

The other one is the Nerd. I met her while studying computer science. She is 20 years old, very young. She is basically the exact opposite of the Witch. The Witch is extroverted, sensual, erotic, sexual and womanly. The nerd is introverted, does not talk much, is a lot in her own thoughts, and is all about books and not meeting people at all.
They know of each other, but have never met before. Both are curious about one another.

They were scheduled to meet at my birthday party, but because of Corona it is difficult because the Witch has to travel to my country by plane and the fight was cancelled. RIP.
Some other time, I guess.
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Let's make this into a story board

Hey, I like your star background thing. We should get one like that for tribe.
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This requires elaboration. Story time with uncle ego

Also is moving considered a trip? Cos if it is, I'm real pleased with my new flat and I'll post pics

I want to see all the pictures.
Where did you move?
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This is feels like a slice of life novel. Fun to read the different personalities. Go on redundantYou can buy the star background thingy with those clan points. Just do wars.
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I'm not a drugs kinda guy but the first time I tried weed was via these edibles I got online. I was going on a trip with a bunch of my buddies and they wanted me to get some supplies for the week we were there so it ended up being a veritable tasting platter of all the different ways you could take thc. Hash, shatter, bud, edible gummies, cookies, etc. I ordered everything a few weeks in advance and since I pitched in too I decided to sample an edible, it was a chocolate bar that said 400mg on it. I had heard that they were pretty strong and when I asked my weed friend (tm) he said what ever you do, don't take too much. I started out with a fifth and snacked on that. Now whether it was from the bar already affecting me or my own misguided hubris I'll never know, but like an idiot I thought "hey that's not so bad" and had the rest. Big mistake.

First thing that happened was that my stomach felt really weird, second thing that happened was that my head felt like a balloon, third thing was that when I started to stumble over to the washroom I looked in a mirror first and noticed my pupils were the size of dinner plates, I couldn't see my iris anymore. After seeing my eyes my whole body started buzzing and it felt like I was going to throw up so I did what seemed natural at the time and propped myself up over the bowl waiting to puke my guts out. Only it never came, I gagged and spit sure, but it was just the constant feeling of vomit coming up my throat for what seemed like HOURS. In reality it was maybe 2 at most, eventually I felt good enough to get on my bed and try to sleep it all off and sleep I did! This all happened on a late Sunday night and I opened my eyes at noon on Tuesday, I think I may have also opened my eyes briefly on Monday. So yeah, that was fun.
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Do wars?
You mean... play the game?!

yeah you get clan exp for wars
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I've been doing stuff, mostly exploring abandoned buildings for which I've made a dropbox that I'm keeping updated with pictures here (viewer discretion advised, the graffiti from the mold house can get pretty obscene).
BUUUUUUT what happened just this weekend was a camping trip though. It was a really great time just forgetting about the outside world for 3 days and paddling canoes out on lakes; you know, camping shit. For the trip I let a buddy of mine pick the spot and he wanted to go to a provincial park where you pay for a location and car camp. Personally I feel that it's not really camping if you don't need to be air lifted out when you hurt yourself but it's hard to plan for backcountry shenanigans on short notice.

I got to the spot and it was a powered location that was totally awful! All the sites were less than 10 metres apart, covered in RVs, and noisy as hell. If a regular campsite was a detached home then this was an apartment block. I managed to switch to a non-powered spot that was way more secluded so I dodged that bullet. After that was a few chill days on the lake complete with paddling, trying to get a fire started with damp wood, fishing, etc. I've put some pictures below, didn't take many and I don't know how to make them any smaller so suffer along with me!


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I've been camping a couple times this month. :3
Also did a bunch of other stuff that makes me worry that I will lose my sanity if I take more psychedelics right now so I am staying cool.

I broke up with the witch and am close to breaking up with the nerd because they don't treat me right and ain't nobody treat me wrong.

How are you?
Don't let nobody ever treat you left king.
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Well, I never bothered to tell the nerdy girl that I broke up with her and the sex is great, so we're still a thing I guess.

Still have a casual sexual relationship with the other girl, but we're definitely kinda broken up.

My life is weird.
How are you?
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