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[S] One of the best toribash skin ever! Rainbow Panda by 4edrick. Cutest Skin
Hello! Time to sell one of the toribash skin - Rainbow Panda. This very epic set contain: Head, two version of hands (with Rainbow and without it), feets, right leg texture, right bicep texture and torso.
For better preweiv /dl and /lp me


Rainbow Panda

Preveiw by Deiz
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Which items you want?
On this pics i've wear: 512x512 textures (head, hands, right bicep, right leg, feets and torso) and Quicksilver force. But i have many other stuff which would be go with this set - Amethyst stuff (Check "Amethyst" set in my deactive). It's looks good with this panda
Lol. Your flame don't worth even 100k.
7x512 textures ~ 120k + QS force ~ 22k + Ametyst ~ 20-25k + Art... (All price from market)
How awesome it is it's still really simple. My offer: 5k
Chickster: I literally don't know why I did it.