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(FC) Fight Corps


That's right! FC is back! New and improved!

Fight Corps is the newest contender on the clan war scene!

We're ready to steamroll through anyone on our way to the top!

We're not just looking to match our legacy but to exceed it!

Will you join us in this fight or get in our way?


Rank 1 [ ]

Official [ ]

Break 10 streaks [ ]

Win 10 wars in a row [X]

100 war wins [X]

Level 100 [ ]

1M TC in Bank [ ]

Win Clan League 2020 [ ]


No recruitment threads, application forms, or stringest requirements.

If you have skill and dedication then PM the council!



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Guess I will write something. Hello, I was kindly invited by Merc into this clan and I proudly accepted. We’re ready to kick everyone’s azz
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Ah FC is back. I was a part of this clan back in the ancient times
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Yup, back and better than ever!

FC may have been founded on April 3, 2014, but it's reborn in the new decade!

Glad to see you're still around, Azze.
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Btw i'm sorry for the conflicts we had in the past, just 14 years old me being weird. Hope we good these days.
I remember being in this clan, I’m glad to see you guys are back up and running, I hope you guys can have a good journey become the best.
You'll need this more than me my friend
wow what an mlg clan this was
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All good, Azze. I was a weird adolescent too. Hahaha.

Simga you were one of the OGs.

Bless, it'll be an even more MLG clan in the new decade ;)
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