Application to join Fl0w
Hello Fl0w members! I am Pendragon. Yes like the legend, because i'm a damn geek.
My nickname in this game is many but usually "Dube" Because my username before Pendragon was RRDube420. I'm a 21 year old male born and living in Ontario, Canada... yes the land of the maple syrup and the moose bud.
I have a Custom Belt and I am working on the next belt as well because why not, right?
I was the leader of a bunch of small clans for the sake of playing with friends on my way through my toribash jouney.
I was in WAPOW and got a leader rank right when it died so I just left it. CL is why it died because some members left due to wanting to join other clans after winning the prizes. I was the Leader of Tank for god knows how long and also was the leader of Genjutsu, Uchiha, Flame, Spark and a couple others as well. Not trying to make you guys read forever so i'm not planning on giving you an entire backstory. (Sorry for dragging this on lads. I'll finish this up)
My reason for why I would like to join this clan is because I used to enjoy playing wushu with a lot of you back in 2017 or 2018 although the members have changed left and entered. I enjoy how friendly the members are and would like to get to know the people I don't know. To me a clan is like a toribash family and we should all look out for each other and the existence of the clan it self.
I'm not going to point out who I know in the clan because I feel like if I can't get into the clan on my own, then I probably don't deserve to be here in the first place. Anyways Thats all I got for you because i'm not going to keep you here all day. Heres some replays for you people. Made sure to have a few mods although I only played a tiny bit of wushu for the wushu replay for a tiny bit with Inu. Cheers. (I suck at naming replays) Don't make me namechange to Undertaker Kane!
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