Would've posted earlier, but my desktop is out of commission for about another day. I'll post replays very soon
hi i'm karbn and i eat ass; love the market overlord
Alright then boys I'll have to start this up.

First of all, mind all of you, start stacking up some replays.
Each and every video maker will have to post his name here with the replays of his own which he's going to add. The rest of you boys will have to add a few replays (not too many and make them your best) just so the video makers will have to pick them up and maybe give up a limit of replays they wish to add.
Let's start this up and hope it goes somewhere.
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I've got two-three replays I'll add to this once I get home. Hope everyone submits I'll start making an intro once people choose a song

Is it only SP replays? or can there be MP replays too?
These are my best replays.

Maximus Decimus Meridius.rpl isn't 100% finished because idk how to turn on self damage in a replay...
If one of you can do that and see if that dms uke, then you can use that if you want
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Notorious.rpl (285.6 KB, 6 views)
Maximus Decimus Meridius.rpl (146.2 KB, 3 views)
Maximus .rpl (221.1 KB, 3 views)
KingPin.rpl (236.5 KB, 4 views)
Get out of my way.rpl (195.6 KB, 4 views)
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Just sub-par banter really
I should probably mention it...
SP replays for showing your skills.
MP replays are if they are made with somebody from the clan.

@Haluejah: Read the OP.

EDIT:: This is all I have for replays. If you wish to search in 2012 for my replays then you can go ahead and do it.
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lastresult.rpl (134.2 KB, 3 views)
Pat _ Forgive me Please.rpl (254.6 KB, 3 views)
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