same replays as always, nothing new that is good has come since these
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Is it okay if I don't provide replays and I just focus on editing the video? Replay-wise I can't do anything interesting so yeah.
No because you need to add yourself in the video, it's the clan video you know.
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they're inactive, it's almost not worth trying to get them to make a replay. instep, a good friend of mine, has been inactive for a long time. i'm fairly sure he isnt coming back :/
Yeah, just get replays from their replay threads? i'm sure they all have one.
Just sub-par banter really
I really don't see why I have to make a replay for the video, as far as I know I am contributing by editing it, and I haven't made a replay in like a year not to mention that those replays weren't even good in the first place, so I'd rather not have to make a replay for the video.
You have to make the replay.
It ain't about the contribution it's about showing yourself seeing as you're a part of Vector.
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