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"On the road to fate you shall make many friends... Beware for there will also be those who despise you for having your own dreams." I seem to have made my first enemy for not meeting up to your standards memberwise... But combat wise, we have exceeded them. Be grateful for we haven't put you on our enemy list. We don't expect you to take us off yours, We merely see you as a clan with misguided views on what makes a clan good.

all I can say is WTF!!!
I would like to make an alliance between Triforce and Ark.
[eVo]LtKenny- Huh... Cocks are fun to play with...
[eVo]LtKenny- If your name is Zackarie!
kntornsrin- Swing and a miss >.>
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I would like to make an alliance between Triforce and Ark.

I vote for that alliance!
iv'e been in triforce actually, before it was official and before i was in ark
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look out for walruses!

Im gonna try and start a new clan called the [Weeeee] clan and if any body green belt or higher wants to join just send me a message and yea. Please reply.
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what the hell, this isn't a freaking advertisement board... GTFO...

i dont care... it is now... beside if you want to say dumb stuff like that then just send me a frickin private message
This board is NOT for your own clan advertisements.... Actually, no boards are for your ads. Use the Clan Discussion and follow the clan guidelines if you plan on making a clan. Don't go posting in other threads like that...

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