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Ninjutsu Club

Hello and welcome to the Ninjutsu Club.

This is an organization meant for Ninjutsu players.

You must be a decent player to be accepted into the Org.

Now teaching Ninjutsu!!!

We want/seek players with excellent skill in Ninjutsu.tbm
Be creative with your moves. Improv in Ninjutsu is possible.
We want/seek players that use proper grammar in English.
You must be active on forums because, well, it's an organization.
Activity in-game. SP and/or MP is very important for us.

We only accept the free form applications!
State your name, GMT and why you'd like to join the org.
Replays are required so we can see your skill in ninjutsu.
Make effort on making your application and don't copy.





From the highest to the lowest.


Honorable Member


Trial Member

Co-Leader: One-Three members hand-picked by PiePwn.
Honorable Member: You must show a lot of skills and be active in the Org, help out for the org etc.
Member: Pass the Trial Member test and be active.
Trial Member: Get accepted into the Org. (Members are voted in based on majority rule)

No spam
Keep casual chat to a minimum
Talk about Ninjutsu.
No Excessive use of capital letters

Be voted into the org with more yes than no votes(Trial)
Win a best two out of 3 against a Leader or Co-Leader with the following requirements (Member):

You must win with a point difference of 10,000 or more.
You must decap the person you are facing.
You must show exceptional skill in comebacks and not DQing.
You must show great movements and timed moves.
You must be able to return into the ring before you are time DQed.

At least two of above must happen.

If you disqualify a lot (Show you cannot stay in the dojo)
If you rage spectate or quit (Shows no sportsmanship).
If you use "noob" starters. (Such as stolen moves etc)

The old Ninjutsu Club.
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Ninjutsu Club.
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