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Tourneys clasified by belts
Hello, here is my first suggestion:

I've seen that most of the time, the players that participate on Tourneys are Blackbelts or Alternative accounts of Black-belt-players. When I tried to participate in order to win the prize (which i need to buy something), i found myself almost always screwed, and I think that's a bit unfair.

That's why I suggest to make more Tourneys rooms, perhaps with more mods, but at least with belt-limitations, just as the official servers, and different prizes.

For example, a few rooms could be:
-Begginers Tourney: white to orange. Prize 50 tc
-Semi-pro Tourney: white to brown. Prize 250 tc
-Pro Tourney: white to Black and above: Prize 500 tc

Of course this is just a suggestion of the belts, not the prizes, but i think that organisation it's fair enough for everyone to have a chance of winning something.

Another solution could be to increase the amount of tc gained on winning a match, as 10 by 10 is quite a small amount if you are saving for something like a head texture... Perhaps win tc 20 by 20?
Bad idea, pro players will make alts and enter the begginers and semi-pro tourneys so they can earn tc easily. not supported
I see what he's getting at though smosh , i think it'd be a great idea , but alas , it's hard enough as it is to create up and running tourneys , that's also why a few tourneys are still down for maintenance , also , acquirering the server to set up the tourney is another problem in it self , not to mention if this actually is implemented -which I don't think will happen to be honest - persons will begin complaining about the prizes earned , they'll want them increased to outrageous amounts which will most likely encourage farmers. Also , numerous threads have already been made begging for increases , all have been shut down btw .

And @Smosh, if they actually do add this to the game , i doubt it will encourage farming , because the prizes are minuscule, as the op said , the first tourney only gives 10 tc , if persons wanted to farm 10 tc they could go to an official mod or whatever , and i think noobs would flood the tourneys anyhow .

In addition , i believe that newbies only get better from playing with more experienced
players, no getting around it , the general idea of the op is to isolate the noobs from the pros , there's just no getting around it , suck it up and improve.
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@smosh023 Well that might happen. Well its a BAD idea if you're just getting screwed by other players why not make textures and sell them SO YOU COULD GET tc its a better idea then having to work hard for it.

thats wha she said
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Bad idea, pro players will make alts and enter the begginers and semi-pro tourneys so they can earn tc easily. not supported

But they noob tourneys only get 50 Tc, And the black is about 500
Why would the noob tourney only get.. 50tc? I mean you can just play 5 games of whatever mod and got 50 tc/More if you're using boosters. Anyway, I think the tourneys right now are fine by itself. And you don't judge them by belts, it's skill.
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Originally Posted by airamand View Post
Of course this is just a suggestion of the belts, not the prizes

I think it explains by itself...

And as I said, even if tourneys are measured by skill, i still think it's unfair to negate the chance of rewarding someone's effort just because he's still not good enough to compete with the experts.

Also, i would say, most of you think that tc problems resolve themselves with boosters. Haven't you think that maybe (just maybe) the rest of the players don't want (or just simply can't) to spend real money on this game? Our Their reasons to avoid that can be as valid as yours to do so. And don't start to complain saying that "then you don't deserve to play here" or "we have to support the creators" and similar. I'm tired of hearing those, and don't want to judge a community by the post of a few.
Like the earlier post that Tkj had, I am only as good as i am at sparring because I have played with better players and higher belts. and im not even that good, the sparring has helped with my sp replays and they have helped me in mods that rely on skill
Have a great day, thanks for looking at this post I guess.
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Enough with the dumb tourney suggestions. Everyne should know making them with different arrangements isn't going to help with the problem of alternates, so stop talking about new tourneys. Not Supported.
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let's bring minibash back!