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Shop/Market Player Models
The items cost a lot as we all know and sometimes you waste money buying an item which looks horrible on you and sometimes the logo isn't even showing the exact colour. What I suggest it to have a screen at the shop or market to see how an item looks on you before buying it. From my point of view this will greatly increase my chances of buying something as I will know exactly how it is going to look like on me. Some people might say that you could see the colour on someone else in-game but there are so many colours that aren't even used because people don't know how they look. I think this would be greatest thing done to the shop. Give your opinion and I hope to see this actually done.
Well my only problem with this is how would you get an item to show up with your texture set? other then that I totally support this idea. Plus some of the models for the items (joints mostly) are not the real shade of color that the are in-game.


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If you mean already having an item in the same slot (e.g. having a pec texture and choosing a gradient) it would just remove the texture. It could just load your character and just replace the item you already had when previewing you character
Yes, they should have a feature where they actually show the picture of the item in-game, and I remember when I bought a lowsy maya relax that doesn't look exactly I was expecting in-game.
Another example would be when i bought my primary and secondary gradients. I thought orc and marine would look good but in-game they blend, in a different way which gives totally new look. The orc basically looks wierd with blue. It is also very helpful to people because it is really hard to imagine a colour blend with the other without even having the exact tone of the colour you are buying
You guys are silly
This is already a thing
Click your little toribash
Open it
Click torishop
find the joint/item you're looking for
click "TRY"

Would be nice if they updated it though
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