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Dm warning on toris
Hey guys. Skizz here. I have an idea. How about a dm warning? Like, when your joints get weaker and is about to dismember, it flashes red so the player would avoid getting hit on that specific joint. That is all.
If you're about to DM, you can't really avoid it, can you?
Explain yourself, please.
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That's what bruises are for. Joint goes red -> black. Depending on the mod's DM threshold you have to judge how red/black it can go before it pops.

OFC there's little you can do if someone hits you square in the joint, in which case it's almost guaranteed to DM unless the threshold is stupidly high.

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Skulfuk is that already implemented in the game?

Yes it is... Have you ever noticed the joints turning red?
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They turn red but that doesn't mean it is going to dm. But this suggestion would be useless in a way because if you get you are about to get dm'd the game doesn't know that. It only knows you has lost a joint when you have lost a joint.