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Banning Penalties
Ok, just to start off, today I was banned from a mushu server when i was beating the current operator. Whilst I was a little annoyed at his childish actions I did notice I received an elo penalty -1.0.

Not sure if anyone else has noticed this or if this is something that needs to be fixed. Anywho, this is open for discussion.

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there is an elo penalty any time you disconnect/get disconnected in the middle of the game, no matter the reason. also, you should have put this in support
This has happened to me too. Just thinking, maybe a way to fix it is by making a script that would control when to ban another player, or the reasons to ban him.

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Ma bad, thought i did hit the support thread, apparently not.
Anyway, perhaps I should not have gotten a penalty because I was banned/ kicked and I did not intentionally leave in the middle of the match. maybe this is something that will be fixed in a later update.
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Defently a good idea you should loose elo because the operator can't take loosing.
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Normal users banning you from a server shouldn't have any penalty, hopefully it'll get fixed soon.

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