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Toribash bank
I`ve found out, that in general tc in toribash are in the pockets of a few people, while mostly other ones have like 50k max.
This very lack of money demotivates them from the entire gaming, they can not afford a lot of things, they escape it,
because the richest ones mostly do not spend them, so, it is the way quite hard to get tc.
In order to fix this, I suppose there should be a bank, that provides tc for people, that are to return them with % to the actual bank.
(it is something like that debtors will have to pay the $ they were given and extra % - 10%, for instance)
(Remember a real-life banking system)
We can also find investors, that give money to it like contributions system in the regular banks, so, they give tc,
the bank gives them $, something like 3-5% from the amount they invest.
We can even go ahead and there could be something like a global bank from NABI, that gives licences to other ones,
made by toribash player and has a discount rate and rights to close any financial institution they find scaming, for example.
It also can a great deal of a lot of servises it provides, i can take part in organising this, the only thing i need is
the licence from administration, that approves my activites, otherwise if they do not give me it,
I would be highely appreciated to see, that nabi makes such a bank.
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Player A borrows 100k from the bank then:
a) sells these 100k to Player B for $;
b) plays several duels and loses all the TC;
c) buys some items from Player B;

When it's time to return money to the bank he apparently has no TC to return so he gets banned. However, this doesn't take the TC he borrowed from the economy because we cannot take these TC away from someone who spent their $ on them, won in fair duels or got for selling their items. This way the scammer is punished but TC that weren't meant to be created are created.

Real life banking system works differently, and we cannot do the same here.

Ah, makes sense, thanks but would it be better than the alternative of players being scammed? Or perhaps could sending tc without any guarantee of return be stopped?
Perhaps if Minimum QI is 1000 and Max Loan is 10k and the System Automatically takes TC whenever he has TC Transferred into his Account from Duels, Tourneys & TC Sent By Players. The Transaction History could Aid to Automatize the System by acting as a Trigger. Still no to this Idea though because it's too risky and too much room for exploitation, Players already give Loans so why make another System which could risk making the Tori-Economy Collapse? -Unsupported.
Sir, I dont know, wheather you really do not read my messages or just pretend you do not. How about 'Поручитель' и 'Залог',
I say this in russian to stick your attention, lol.
I actually wonder why we can`t, I can show you the full business plan, where you see how it has to work here and it really will work.
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Если ты говоришь о Поручителях и Залогах, то:
1. Никто не будет выступать в этом случае поручителем. Никто. Проще или самому дать этому знакомому тк, или наплевать на него и послать лесом.
2. Какой залог? Если они берёт тк, у него предположительно нет ничего. Он будет закладывать ничто? Айтемы? Айтемы нафиг никому не нужны, важно количество TC в использовании.

Банк в жизни никогда тебе не выдаст ни копейки, если ты им не докажешь, что ты имеешь постоянный заработок, позволяющий тебе вернуть взятое с процентами. В торибаше какой постоянный заработок? Дуэли? Вероятность проиграть на них абсолютно всё, что у тебя есть, настолько же высока, как и вероятность что-то выиграть. Турниры? Турниры ты можешь выигрывать сегодня, а потом месяц не выигрывать, потому что будешь по глупости вылетать.

Банк в тб не будет работать, и не надо пытаться кому-то доказать, что тут можно устроить реальную жизнь. Хочется тк - идёшь покупаешь. Не хочется покупать - больше играешь сам.
Interesting to see the idea, then I see Russian and I'm like okay.
Anyway, yeah, too much fraud could come from this, not supported.
It just looks like Adamant doesn't understand why is it going to become too much of a problem if implemented when I talk in English, so I wrote up some explanation in Russian, yeah.

He mentioned surety bond that we have irl, but that thing is absolutely not going to work in Toribash due to several reasons (the simplest one is why ask for TC from bank when you have friends who have that sum of TC you need and they're ok with paying for you if something goes wrong - I bet it'd be easier for them just to lend you the TC instead of having to deal with forum staff when you end up broke).
Real banks only lend you money when you assure them that you have stable income that'll allow you to pay in time (or to pay at all). In Toribash there are no "jobs" and the chances that you'll lose everything in the next duel instead of doubling what you have are pretty much the same.

Main question is why introduce a feature that requires so much behind-the-curtains work and is likely to be abused?