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Ads for Clans.
Rather than having to spend countless of hours to try recruit some good members. A clan could simply make an ad or something that show's regularly in another user's page.
So what guarantees that they'll see the advertisement? If I was the me five years ago that didn't do anything but play, I'd probably overlook anything that isn't impeding my play time. That's how a lot of people are, and by that logic things won't change.

The idea is in theory pretty good, but I'm skeptical on an actual performance.
I think I might be retired.
clans earn reputation themselves by having good, active members ingame or on forum. That's why we have tags and info on usercard. When someone find clan with interesting members, he can easily check everything out and apply. I wont be fan of new clans made by random users who buy tc and spend it on shitload of ads.
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