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Watch games/servers and bet/chat (smth more) from IOS, android
I'd like to suggest you inventing an iOS, android client allowing to do regular commands not involving playing to be able to for example bet or host tourneys. This will totally bring more interest to the game itself, making it be much more popular itself due to putting apps in AppStore and google play. Troubles I see in it: people on one server limit and database vulnerability from ddosers.

I'd recommend to update this post for you guys to point out all the pros and contras against this to come to the conclusion about worth making this.
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Is there not way to create a stream for servers so you could watch what's happening? Something without much delay.

I know that one user managed to get in-game chat to work on TB somehow and it was pretty cool.

A live video stream? That'd require a daft amount of processing to do it for every room. You're looking at having at least a good i5 rig with an equally nice GPU per room just to handle the encoding/streaming unless you wanted a slide show.
Add net bandwith requirements and the bills for it, and it goes from an idea to an unrealistic nope.

It'd be far easier to try and squeeze the ODE physics on a phone, which would end up being a slide show - providing your processor didn't cook itself before managing to render the first frame.

The chat one would be a realistic proposition, but a lame one. Who's actually going to sit and stare intently at vaguely descriptive text and be able to judge how a match is playing out?

Something that could possibly work, but would still be kinda lame, is to use the info from the server to make static images that show each turn. There's enough info in the turn data to be able to make that happen, but it would only be static images & no ghosts. Toss on the text stuff and you'd have something more appealing.


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