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The user will get banned for 15 minutes If he ragequits several times in a server? The server will detect how many times he quit during a match and will count them until It reaches a certain number
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What other games do: keep your last input and keep spamming it for until you ping out 10-30 seconds later.
What Toribash does: wait for current turn input, fail to ping within 10-30 seconds, disconnects you.

How is it different?

If that's the case, then there should be a text on screen such as "Connection problem, reconnecting in 30 seconds" so the player is aware he's pinging.
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An answer to this question: temporary bans from MP are probably the best way to go with this in terms of applying punishment to users with shit connection / those leaving on purpose but that probably won't happen soon.

Why would you punish people for shit internet? that doesn't seem right.
There should be another way around for anti-fping.
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What you suggest is mainly used in MMOs/MOBAs, not one-on-one games. Toribash's gameplay is already slow due to being turn-based, adding an obligatory wait period for pinged players would only make it worse.

Also if you've pinged it either means that your internet connection is generally bad (which means you shouldn't really play online games) or that there are some temporary issues with your connections which regularly take longer than 30s to be solved.
Okay but even if you wanna keep shit connections out of the way then there should be a least limit of around 20-30ms so if the number decreases than that, player would be auto-kicked without any message in chat as It would cause spam.
Most of online players have atleast 1mb internet which works perfectly fine for most internet games and for Toribash its perfect if no other task is running in the background.
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hey men , every i going to matchmake when the another player are losing fight hes leave of party , do you can add an function when the player quit while fighting hes get a ban for 10 minutes. because this are injustice