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Encourage ES to host more bet servers
Recently there's been a pretty noticeable lack of betting servers, and a lot of people only get on Toribash for the sake of betting, or atleast wants to bet. For ES betting servers aren't very fun to host (I would know), they'll likely be hosting for hours on end and they don't even get to keep any of the rake for themselves, all of it goes to MagicalSack for Prize money, which isn't a terrible idea but theres no point in it if theres no rake to begin with. I suggest letting the ES members keep rake and add a point multiplier for the rewards system that increases by a set amount after each hour of hosting (1.25, 1.5, 1,75, 2.0 and so on). They could hold trivias and HBR rounds for shiai tokens, and im sure they can come up with much more.

This would make betting servers more appealing for both hosters and for normal players, it would also increase game activity and sink TC.
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i want to expand on this by encouraging ES to fucking host champion brawl

last time ES hosted was on the 17th bruh
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Thank you for the suggestion, I'll consider hosting bet servers for future events, but like you said bet servers takes a lot of time to host, it's only a matter of freeing up enough time to host such events.
I'll counter this by saying a computer should host the bet server, and not a human. This would probably increase player base because they — the people you say get on toribash for the sake of betting — know they can consistently open the game and join a bet server. This also fixes the retarded host problem, the hosts not seeing self bets because of a fast chat problem and probably some more problems that I can't remember right now.

You could use the rake money to host events more interesting and more worth a person's time than hosting a bet server.
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That would be true but that would also take out the entertainment value of Event Squad hosting events, if there was a bot hosting ETourneys, bet servers, etc it wouldn't give us a job to do.
there was a user who provided classic hoster entertainment in his bet servers while also having a bot run all the nudging commands and such. if we could recreate this we could have the best of both worlds: no commands messed up by finnicky hosts, AND maintain a wholesome hoster-player relationship.
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That would be true but that would also take out the entertainment value of Event Squad hosting events, if there was a bot hosting ETourneys, bet servers, etc it wouldn't give us a job to do.

I never mentioned bot-hosted tourneys, in fact I think you should host tourneys and other engaging and fun events with the time you save not hosting a bet server. If you have a 24/7 bet server that works through a bot or, preferably, through integrated commands, the ES would have a free schedule to show up and start hosting it their way. And, as I said, the constant flow of rake money would make better prizes for bigger events. It’s a win-win in my eyes.
Fade, Your thinking of Fran's bot. Only issue with bot hosted bets is that the command wasn't always 100%.
I remember Fran having to babysit his bot sometimes and even having to do commands himself. I'm not saying it's not possible to create and execute. Just stating the difficulty of having a bot and perfecting it as well.

While there has been lack of bet servers coming from us, some of us have noticed and are willing / have the time to host bet servers. Appreciate the feed back
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