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[Meta]game Casual Chat
Any and all conversations, as well as non-specific discussions belong here.

Well, no. Most of it is in the Skype group, at the moment. There's a link provided in "Introduction to [Meta]gaming". You should probably visit, if you haven't already done so.

You filthy casuals.
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Lol. Anyway, holy fuck talk about clan members and our pimpin' new name.
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Congratulations on a successful merge.

Bai zone, bai oblivion. Hai meta fags. <3
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This is gonna be classy.
Dyrisk: Do sluts call their private parts..Public parts?
Zandėr: No, they call it "Business Assets"
Wow ...

Love what you did to the place, mates!


The bros over at the clan formerly known as [Zone] are pretty friendly fellows.

I have a feeling that this is the start of a beautiful non-sexual union.
I go online to find myself in a combined clan called Metagame. Love the name. I knew we would combine, but I didn't know we'd have a new name. Though, I am happy.
•You're bananas!