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Lyric video!
Hi there, lads. Me and my mates just released a new single from upcoming album. Yes, we still sing about The Thousand Sons legion from Warhammer40k, yes, I'm stull grunting something.
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Once they were the most furious warriors who used to fight in the front. Now, however, Raptora are on the loose; sanity failed them and the sorrow of losing Prospero consumed all battle brothers. The Red Cyclops is the only living being able to stop them. He better hurry, for every second of doubts costs him his sons lives.

Become a witness to an unforgettable journey full of drama, blood and anger. Be the first who will walk through the toughest times of the Thousand Sons, alongside Magnus the Red himself in his final quest. The quest which will break his heart, which make him question his cause and. what’s most important – which will finally grant him revenge he seeks so desperately against the ones he once loved.

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Software used: cubase
sony vegas