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Forums Visual Overhaul
Hi, we're currently working on visual overhaul for forums and would like to gather some of your thoughts / showcase what we've got so far.
This thread (and this post in particular) will be receiving updates as we add more stuff.

You can also try it yourself by enabling "Modern" forum skin in User CP options:

Base theme will be dark but we'll also be making a light one based on it once it's finished.
You'll still be able to use current default styling (forums only) if you wish.

Some misc info:
- New visuals are built with Bootstrap.
- All pages scale accordingly to your device screen size. On some pages, that would also hide less important information for devices with smaller screens (see screenshots below).
- Fonts we use are Roboto, Roboto Condensed for top navigation and Badaboom.
- We want to bring back post voting/rating system.
- Search is now available for all users who can make posts.
- Social groups and Competitions modules have been disabled due to their redundancy.

Forum Home

Board view

Thread view


User CP

Some details on breadcrumbs:
Breadcrumbs (top dark bar with "Toribash Community / Toribash / ..." text) is always visible and will stick to top of your screen both in desktop and mobile mode. In mobile, it's also used to hold a button to open main navigation menu.
Quick search will search for threads or posts within forum section, board or thread you're currently viewing. For example, searching "Overhaul" from forum home, News board and this thread will give you three different results. If you want to apply custom search settings, choose "Advanced search" option from the right breadcrumbs dropdown menu. When viewing user's page (member.php), it will search for the user under specified name.
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Is it possible to move all threads/posts from a social group that has been used by a clan to their clan's board?
Originally Posted by Sora View Post
Can we do upvotes and downvotes on posts?


Originally Posted by basic View Post
wouldn't it look better without all the empty space on each side? bc it kinda bothers me

There are 4 display modes depending on your screen size - for large screens there will be a 8% indent on sides.

Originally Posted by tunadao View Post
Wow, it just looks nice! Cant you do an notification system for users forums is open? like facebook or anything

We might add push notifications some time in future but it isn't currently being worked on.

Originally Posted by Wizard View Post
Will we be getting any screens for the market tab anytime soon?

I plan to redo automated market completely later this year, so there won't be any changes to it before the new system is live.

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Полезный комментарий, спасибо.

Originally Posted by T0n0mi View Post

also, it will be included in forum overhaul?

No, there are meta tags for it.

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Is it possible to move all threads/posts from a social group that has been used by a clan to their clan's board?

It isn't impossible to do but I won't guarantee anything.

Originally Posted by Elite View Post
Is there a possible estimated release date yet?

Not yet but we plan to get the base version ready by July.
Currently we have forum home, forum display and show thread pages pretty much finished (as in the only changes that may yet be made are minor styling).
haha finally, I've been waiting for this forum upgrade for so long, im loving it so far. Plus, we got a mobile version too

really really good job dudes

I have no opinion on threads and topics restructuring and reorganization, you guys know what to do.
But about post votes, I really like the initiative of enlarging interaction and feedback features. Any possibilities of this being expanded to replay sharing too?
Like a more speciallized voting system for replay threads or something
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