I already knew how to make a madman b4 I saw this but it still helped me alot.
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since the day i read this a lot of time has passed, i have made 37 madmen so far and the number keeps groing, and it's all thanks to your tutorial that gave me the impulse to start and i didnt even thank you back then, for so thank you!!!
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Here's my madmans, can You give me advice what I made bad??
First replay I made something about 2-3 months ago , second I made yesterday.
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!!zplit_to_mad - I actually liked the start, nothing spectacular but it was fluid, nothing bad to say. After you got the decap shatterhit thing, it started going a little downhill though. You went stiff, for one. Relaxing all at the start of the match isn't always enough because if you use enough joints, you'll still turn very stiff as the frames go by. Then you just kind of grabbed around the lower body for no apparent reason, which was kind of weird. Punch was nice I guess. Lacked an ending pose.

Try avoiding stiffness more, try only grabbing when you really need to. Try to make sure that whatever movement you make, has an actual reason. Unless it's dancing and it looks stylish =P. And ending poses are, at least for me, very important as they sort of finish the replay. Make sure you don't just randomly fall down as you did now.

Also - I wouldn't call this a madman since both legs were still attached together.
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what do you think? =D rate pls =D
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Thanks Pirate, very helpful. + Rep, Please also check out my tutorial on wushu comebacks and see if you find it helpful.

Posting 2nd ever madman made after reading this
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