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Graphics Tablet Recommendations
Sup, looking into getting a graphics tablet.
I used to have a wacom bamboo one that cost about 40 quid but it wasn't great quality. It did a job but I'd like one that detects pressure and is a bit more reliable.
Amazon suggested some that seem alright but I wanted to get some opinions form people who have used/frequently use them as to what is the best to get.
It's a hobbyist one, I don't need an overly professional piece of kit, but I'd like to get back into doing digital art now that I'm back at university.

My budget is £100 maximum really, but if there's one slightly above that mark that you really believe in then don't shy away from letting me know about it.

Not bothered about it being wireless, gonna be using it with windows 10 and adobe softwares.

I reasoned that this was the correct place to post this as it's a piece of hardware but move it to wherever is better if you feel there's a better place for it.
Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW is way better than wacom bamboo from my experience.
Turcom Pen Sketch TS-6580 is also an affordable option, but I rather buy the wacom intuos with a professional pen

There's also other type of Wacom Intuos like the Wacom Intous Pen & Touch Small, all depending on what you are looking for.

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basically, you can't go wrong with a wacom, all the other brands can be a bit swing and miss, but wacom always delivers. between bamboo and intous I'm not sure, I have the bamboo myself and I think its pretty decent. I have tried tablets from other brands, but they are just horrible in this price range, reading what spcr is saying intous is most likely the best option for you.
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There are like 5 different Wacom Intuos tablets, each specialised for different things.
If you want to go next level buy a Wacom Cintiq Intuos Pro, worth around 500 usd
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Originally Posted by Ezeth View Post
basically, you can't go wrong with a wacom

Now it only depends on your price range and how far do you want to go with your art.
I’ve been using Wacom Intuos Draw, Intuos Art and now Cintiq 13HD. Each are from different price ranges, and been enjoying all of them.

Actually it also depends on what you want to do. Cintiq uses a dynamic screen while others are tablet. Cintiq is also well bigger than others. So does it takes more place. So indeed, Cintiq is more as a professional use only

Intuos Draw is 80 bucks so I actually think this could satisfies your pleasures

Intuos draw 80€
Intuos Art 200€
Cintiq 13HD 900€
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