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Is e-mail actually optional?
I started playing two days ago. When I was registering an account, they said that providing e-mail was optional, so I did not bother to do so.

After getting some wins, I tried to enter the shop. Every time I entered my info, I was greeted with a "login successful" message and sent right back to the login page.

When I tried to post about it in the forum, I found out that my account was not activated. They wanted to resend the activation code to the registered e-mail address, which I did not have.

After making another account including the "optional" e-mail address, I was finally able to enter the shop and make this post.

If other people had thsi problem, there would have been posts about it. Where did I go wrong?
You can play the game without using an email.

To use the forums (activate/deactivate items- receive pms and etc) you need to add an email, so you can confirm you aren't a bot.
Certain restrictions will be held over your account if you choose not to use an e-mail. Although it is still ‘optional’ for you to play without one, it’s recommended you do.
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