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how to create a clanpage!?!?!?!?!?!
Hello i would like to learn how to create a clanpage and i would need help with it... I made this clan called wu tang clan and its alive and well so i guess next step would be forming a own clanpage. i need a step by step tutorial into it cuz i havent really messed around with this forum thingy... i dont even know am i posting this question in the right place so yeah a total forumnoob here
Hello, nikootso!

Creating a clan page is very simple, but please bare in mind that it's not super easy! You still will have to produce a page of a good standard, and that is ultimately decided by the Clan Squad. However, the stickied threads in the Clan Discussion section will help you with that! Please make sure to thoroughly read them, and make your thread along the way! Gradually, you'll build something great!

There's a few very basic guidelines to creating a thread, but try to impress both yourself and the Clan Squad by making something a bit more than just basic!

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A) Your clan thread:
⠀⠀I) As a minimum though, you must include in your clan thread:
⠀⠀⠀*Your thread must show effort. If it is considered low effort, or clearly a joke, you will be warned.
⠀⠀⠀*If your clan is using a bank. it must be listed clearly.
⠀⠀⠀Without these minimum requirements, clan staff will issue a warning in your thread - If you still do not meet the requirements within 7 days your thread will be closed and you will be infracted.

For example, you might want to add to your clan thread; A little creative story, some rules for your members, a list of members, maybe even a logo, some goals.
The possibilities are endless! I strongly encourage you to get creative with it!
If you have any questions about starting a clan, you can directly contact a member of Clan Squad, or maybe even Help Squad by going to the staff list located here!

I hope this post was of use to you and answered your question.
"Your thread must show effort" ---> So there is a somekind of standard of doing a clanpage? JEEZ you guys take this stuff seriously.

"If it is considered low effort" ---> This one is just an opinion question. I could spend hours of making a clanpage and someone just decides that it isnt good enough...

I feel bit overwhelmed about this considering its just only a videogame. And thank you for helping me i will ask ppl about clanbanks and stuff this all is new to me.

When i applied to a clan i needed to even tell something about my personal life. It all feels like bit nerdy as bit freaky. It just dont make any sense considering this place is based on a videogame. I dont wanna insult anybody with this at all but this is my first expressions of this stuff.

And finally could you give me a reason why this is taken so seriously? In my opinion it just discourages new players to do stuff because its all so complicated... i understand its not complicated for you guys because youve done this for YEARS.
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Nikootso, the part where you needed to say stuff about your personal life is purely based on that specific clan requirements, you are not obliged to mention it all in any way.

In terms of creating your clan, you are just to follow minimum requirements as stated previously.
What your thread should contain to pass as "valid" have already been mentioned by Tabby:
1. Your clan goals - what does your clan hope to achieve
2. Your clan purpose - do you play official mods, create replays, or something else?
3. Your clan roster (optional)
4. A clan banks name if you are using one

If you see these minimal requirements, you'll notice that this is not at all pointless or "freaky".
This is made so a certain sense of quality is preserved within the Clan board.
So in reality, your thread can, for example, look like this (you can format it any way you want):

Example Clan Thread

Hope you don't find this too serious as a thread like that can certainly pass requirements. What put you of is more than likely how other people create their clan threads - they make great logos and put a whole lot of information, however, you are not obliged to do anything more than what you're asked for, it's up to you if you wanna polish it or not.

Have fun dude

this is an excellent post, thanks ~t
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