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[z] - Recruitment Centre
Want to join zero?

Then apply to join!

Your Application

Write a Free form application in this thread, try and include information such as:
Name, Age, GMT (Time Zone), forum/ in-game activity. Put effort into your application to prove that you really want to join zero, if we can tell you have not put effort into your application then we won't vote and you will be denied!
Once you have submitted your application, the clan members will privately discuss your application, once we have done discussing your application you will either be Accepted or Denied, if your application is accepted we will contact you on discord. if we cannot tell that you've put forth effort into your app you will be denied and we will notify you here. This application is a way for us to learn who you are as a person and to figure out if you’ll fit well with the rest of us, so don’t be afraid to tell us more about yourself as a person.
If you make replays, feel free to leave them below and we will take them into consideration when reviewing your application. If you get accepted you will be put as a Trial, which means you still have to prove that you are worthy to be in zero by being active in-game/forums and showing respect, as a trial you shouldn't ask when you are gonna receive a higher rank, showing disrespect to the members of the clan will not be tolerated and you will be kicked if caught.

Make sure you put your discord Name#0000 in your application and make sure your english is on point!

Make sure your application is a Free form not exactly like the one that is made for the example. The only thing that you need to add at the top is your Name, Discord Name, Age, GMT, Activity, Date then you can add more forms for yourself that we can know you better, etc, etc.


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