Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
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hiii i really like your set can i try and get it please

Go to his post and click the ''Download Now'' link and it will let you download it, you can wear it all you want as long as you don't sell it.
Here's a head I made in around an hour, just for the purpose of practice. Thought I'd throw it up here. Enjoy!

Artist: Horizon
Owner: Horizon
Size: 1024x512 (3000x1500)


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[ES] Artist
Horizon's Art Store
Artist: Me
Previous Owner: Me
Proof of Ownership: idk, but I just created them a few days ago... cant really prove it and i don't have screenshots of progress.

Shiro - No Game No Life

Candy B*

next time ill try to get screenshots of wip.
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im pretty sure everyone has forgotten me
Artist: Viper?
Owner: Me and now you too

blue set

set files

Bondylox set

bondylox set

bondylox set files

Rainbow set


azure files

rainbow files

rosa files

static files

supernova files

rotten ninja set


yellow devil set

bunch of heads I own


If somoene owns a head i posted dont know dont care, i own it and i give it for free.
If you find the artists of some of them post them.

Thats it.
Tell me the right order to put the textures.
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Welp the time has come to pass this down as a free set.

it was my first set ever.

I hand drew a giant tribal picture, scanned it onto my laptop, cropped it and colored it into this beautiful tribal set.

it does have seams,

and there is no specific way to put it on.

preferably whatever texture you put on the left side (left hip)

also the ones that say (bones) go on the left pec, right pec, stomach, groin, and chest.

you put the flipped version of that texture on the right side on the same body part (right hip)

Artist: Gang
Resolution: 512
owner: Gang/free
previous owners: Gang/algiux/euphoria


(Had to shorten the url since I shared it via Google Shared album)


Tell me the right order to put the textures.
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Tell me the right order to put the textures.

i cant explain the right way, you have to play with it.