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Looking for a clan.
Hello, i am kasdog My best official mods Are:Wushu/Judo/Aikido/Romanwrestling. Here is my card, Nuff said? just pm me or meet me ingame im usually in wushu or aikido or i have my own game started
:/ Everybody says that, Forum activity is crucial, But why does it really matter?, It's the forums its the game that the clan should worry about..But black belt in a month is good?, Really? because i think its a bit slow?, But yeah man i cannot wait until i start BB multiplayer, Because i hear people actually have original moves there and not copied,So i'm going to have to practice in free play a hella lot :/.
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could join [sexy] but idk its up to you

Ok i will join what is you guys main mods? i can meet you on tb add my aim:Kaseydawg
yea good luck.btw hunters is recruiting (<-link to recruiting thread).if you want info on us, here is our official board.
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