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Interested to see how many people here will be playing TEKKEN,
so be sure to post if you are and what platform you plan on playing on.
Questions, tips, anything TEKKEN related is welcome here, since most concepts are rather universal in this particular game.
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Tekken was the first game I played. I used to be really good on Alisa :^) outplaying koreans in the arcade :^) I MIGHT play some of it.

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Is Hwoawrang still busted? I've yet to see a recent Tekken where he wasn't top of the top tiers.
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Originally Posted by Oracle View Post
Is Hwoawrang still busted? I've yet to see a recent Tekken where he wasn't top of the top tiers.

From what I can tell Hwoarang is still quite good. Flamingo pressure is still strong.

Added a few new homing moves, while decreasing his damage somewhat.

He also now has Baek's F+3.

Not so sure about him being busted. Akuma at the moment is rather odd to deal with it seems, basically having to adjust your play around dealing with some of his more dangerous moves.
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I've heard that Hwoarang and Steve are usually jockeying for top spots due to ridiculous frame advantage on almost all of their moves. I know a lot of people bitched about Hwoarang in particular having almost all of his moves being plus on block.

Akuma is generally considered solved from what I've heard, and after adapting to his gimmicks he drops to high-mid tier. Still strong, just somewhat reliant on his gimmicks and reads.
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Youtube Channel i sometimes post videos of other games
Does it still have the fuck awful input buffer 6 & Tag2 had? If so that's a deal breaker.

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There are 3-8 frames of buffer in Tekken 7, to compromise with netplay. Haven't played the game myself, but according to most people who have in other countries, it still feels fine. Can't seem to find a consistent answer on that. Probably 8.

Tag 2 wasn't a very good game in my opinion, some mechanics that will only exist in Tag 2 and in no other Tekken game ever again. Rather pointless.

Akuma currently is weird due to him just being a weird character. He's a good character, on top of him being odd compared to the rest of the cast. Just a little strange. He's been nerfed about 100 times now and he still does well.

Going to be some kind of patch around day one, something to do with balance.

Also, Steve now has an Orbital Punch that's been extremely good for him, quite liking how the character is going myself.

If anyone here plays Yoshimitsu on the off chance, he's been given some of his old Tekken 3 moves. No sword stance knockdown sweep, and a combo starter with both sword stance and no sword stance. Can't recall the input atm.
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as long as it doesn't have input delay based on netcode like usf4 had then i'm fine, even with 8.

akuma is just weird because he has very similar mechanics that he had from usf4 and now that he has lateral movements he's just going to shine a lot especially when akuma pros from usf4 come and play him.

also maining jin, main alt is gonna be yoshimitsu or kazuya/heihachi probably. wanna give law a go as well because i mained him in tekken 3.
I also main Jin, actually. Alt is King. Been playing Lars quite a bit since Tekken 6, but since he was created with bound in mind, sort of not doing so hot in this game.

Jin is doing great at the moment, due to his Electric Wind Hookfist now being a combo starter. Doesn't launch as high as a regular Mishima electric, but still a huge buff.

Law is doing pretty good this game too, so those are some solid picks. Yoshi still a little weird but getting better with those changes I mentioned before.

If any pros from Street Fighter 4 who already play Tekken decide to play Akuma, could be cool to see how they do.

Seems to be 8, not too bad. Pretty sure Street Fighter V has like 6 or something for a far less key input data intensive title.
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