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[Sin] Needs you! Membersearch!

So [Sin] is looking for new, active, awesome members! We are official if you want to check our forums so go HERE!
Few things you need to know:

1.No flaming members of the clan and none-members.
2.No double posting.
3.No arguing or fighting on the forums.
4.Not being disrespectful to your clan leader or co-leaders.
5.Respect each other.
6.Try to post on our Forums at least five times a week.
7.Follow the rules accordingly and you will be fine
but remember
three strikes and you are
kicked from the clan.
Just follow the rules and everything will go fine!

So you want to join [Sin]?
Then fill out this application!

Any special ingame actions? Run? Dance?:
Are you Forum active?(more then 100 or more posts):
Are you Ingame active?:
What is your best\favorite mod?: (Example: taekkyon.tbm)
Why should we pick you?: (at least 15 words)
What do you have to offer this clan?: (at least 5 words)
Belt black and above:
Bans or Infractions: (If you are shy then you can PM me Uberis or carbonking)
Previous Clans:
Do you make any art? Videos?: (Then gives us some examples!)
2 classic.tbm replays
2 Multiplayer replay

Good luck filling the application, and our clan's council will discuss you in 1 day!
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