Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
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Number 20* (nasty)

i said something before your and do not double post, use edit button
Paint me like your french girls
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Number 20* (nasty)

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Can i get the number 16 (nasty) head of the first page?

Read my posts, This is not a shop where you take heads from the front page.

You have to REQUEST a head, using the following:

Which Artist: (FaiLxD/DoxxY)
Color scheme: (such as background/foreground color)
Inspiration: (if any, such as a movie or game)
Customization: (this is stuff like text on the back)
Effects: (stuff like shadows or glow)
Size: 256X256, 512X512

You may not take any of the heads that are completed unless you ask the original owner
for permission, only then will you be able to take them. (the original owner has their name in brackets beside the head).
I'm not very active on Toribash but still love to play from time to time, this game is great!
Oh sorry :x
hum.. so...
Which Artist: FaiLxD
Color scheme: green
Inspiration: this picture from happy tree friends =P ( )
Effects: shadows
Size: 256X256
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Make me Head like 29 (noobie). but with stubble (not bread). in the hood this colour please size: 512x512

Could u pm to me, when my requestin' head will be done?
sorry to day guise. but this is the end of my free texturing.

maybe ill reopen this when im feeling more generous, but i needs some tc now lol
if anyone needs me pm me.
plz close this thread