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[Guide]Relaxed running
I'm going to teach you how to run relaxed in running.tbm (Dunno if there's a tutorial like that)
Ok, let's get started:
Hold all
Contract abs
Contract hips
Press space (skips 20 frames)
Relax all
Left bending lumbar
Extend right pec
Extend hips
Hold ankles
Space (20 frames)
Contract left knee
Contract left ankle
Contract left hip
Right rotate chest
Space (10 frames)
Relax left knee
Space (10 frames)
Relax chest
Right bending lumbar
Lower right shoulder
Extend left pec
Hold glutes
Contract right hip
Extend left hip
Hold left ankle
Space 2 times
Hold knees
Left bending lumbar
Contract abs
Relax right shoulder
Lower left shoulder
Extend right hip
Contract left hip
Relax knees
There ya go, keep rotating your chest and extend-contract your legs.
Thanks for wiewing!
Nothing here, move along.
I would advise closing this thread, as it is against the rules to post step by step joint movements or moves. It's more encouraged to teach a player how to do something, not what to do.
Thank you for your tutorial, but unfortunately we do not allow move tutorials in this board. This is stated in the rules, stickied at the top.

Have a nice day!