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IGN:Toribishd or HD
Age: 18
Belt: Brown
Best Mods : Aikido,Judo,JudoFrac,Sparring,Twinswords,Tourney
Most Mods That Played: Twinswords,Joustbars,Lenshu
Previous Clan: None
Country: Mexico,France,Japan,USA

And My Friend
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IGN name:
Belt(Minimum belt is brown): 2nd dan
The mods you are good at/you play the most:Akdio Teakyon Ninjutsu and that's it mostly
Previous clans: UDC Savage MoD 007 and jinx
The country you are from: America New York
TeamG23 l TeamAkido l Team Teakyon l Team Ninjutsu l TeamVoC
Carrot's application
Hola, me llamo es Blake, however In-game you can find me as thelostcarrot.
Recently 18
3rd dan black belt with 10th dan terror.
Once I have played a mod and learned its system of play, I can become great at any mod. The mods that I have grown accustom to though include, Mushu.tbm, Taekkyon.tbm, Wushu.tbm, Taido.tbm, and nearly any form of Akido.
My County is Puerto Rico, although I'm of Irish and Dutch descent.

I feel as though my inclusion in this clan may help build up this clan's success and name across Toribash, with the right motivation this could easily become a known, official, chill clan.

Regardless of my credentials, I'm an all around smooth guy, both in-game and forums. Previously being a member of Parrot has served me somewhat as a experience gaining time, however my departure from the clan was not one of anger. I simply felt as though the absence of the leader was leading the clan down the path of inactivity, which for a time it was. Since I am planning on leaving for college very soon, my actvity might be questioned, regardless my dedication to this game is one not to be over looked.With that being said, may the gracious members of this clan allow me to join them for some killing and chilling?
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FAU is the ULTIMATE college experience.
IGN name: Seth93Z (Duh)
Belt(Minimum belt is black): 3rd Dan Black Belt
The mods you are good at/you play the most: Mushu/Abd
Previous clans: Nitro UnitedN
The country you are from:America
Some replays of yours: I will attach some of them If u would like but i only usually save funny ones.
Why do you wanna join us: I just felt like it ()
Tell us a little about yourself: As you can see from the "Why do you wanna join us" reason i kinda do whatever i feel like IF i can. I'm pretty perverted when provoked, Some people in game call me "Creatively Insane" .(THE END, AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.)
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The Future is Bulletproof
"How r people still in jail? Just make alts lol" -Wizard
Also I'm an Event Squad member so feel free to ask me for help if you need it.
Denied. We are looking for members who will be loyal to the clan, rather than members who will leave whenever they "feel like it". Sorry.
Btw toribishd, I know you know this, but I just wanted to point it out here, you are denied.
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