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[Piratez] Recruitment.

Please read thoroughly before attempting to apply.

Requirements you HAVE to meet in order to join:

You must be at least a Black Belt. No exceptions. We are also more likely to accept those who are active in-game to boost activity.

You must be obviously active on the forums. After you are accepted you must post and interact with other members in the forum at least every few days.

No childish behaviour. If there's anything I and many other toribash players hate, it's people rage quitting, being rude and over all just acting like a child whether it's in-game or on the forum.

Do not apply on a whim, we are only looking for players who are seriously able to contribute to the clan. We are not looking for clan hoppers. We can't stress this enough, only join if you don't plan on leaving soon after joining.

And last but not least, take it as good advice, not a rule:
Put some thought and effort into your application, because this may increase your chances of getting in Piratez.
(<<< Boldfaced, so it's important.)
If you do not seriously and properly fill out the application, you will most likely be immediately rejected by the crew.
Also, MrTeapawt tends to drop in from time to time, and he'll bash your application if it sucks.

Application Form:
You do not have to follow this format, in fact, if you make your own in paragraph form you will more likely be accepted.
Hint: The self description is the most important part.

Self Description:
Past Clans and why you left them:
Belt and Qi:
Favorite/Best mod:
Three replays of your favorite/best mod: (not required, but we prefer it)

Your application will be discussed as soon as we read it, and you'll get an answer in our clan forum. You will eventually get a response, so wait patiently. Attempt to be interactive when we are discussing your application. Also, once you've applied in the forum comment here to let us know that you have so it will be easy to keep track of.

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BUMP: Now considering new applicants, looking for active players who feel like they would be a good fit.
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