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The rig discussion thread (or just show it off)
For starters for those of you who do not know what a rig is, alot of us long time(or not so long) PC gamers call our computers our rigs.

Pics non-optional

So for my rig the specs are as follows:

RAM: (Random Access Memory) 2 2GB sticks and 2 4GB stick total 12GBs RAM DDR3
CPU: (Central Processing Unit) AMD Phenom II X4 965 Processor 3.4GHz (still havent overclocked it yet. for somereason I keep thinking i need a bigger powersupply)
GPU: (Graphical processing unit) EVGA Nvidia 760gtx
Hard Drives: Samsung SSD 60GB (pretty much only running my OS) 500GB HDD (pretty average RPM kindah old)
Power Supply: Corsair HX 650w
Motherboard: Asus M4A87TD/USB3

Pics Below:
Inside the rig


Top of rig


Front of rig


Rig window view


Back of rig


And dual monitor setup This 40 or 42 inch tv cost less then my 24 inch LED LCD monitor (monitor is also has sharper image than my tv)


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I know right she's real pretty. Longest lasting one I've had, saw it in the shop and it looks like a custom job and it was actually under my budget so had no choice XD . I also couldn't be bothered to move it before taking pics XD
That's a lot of dust

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pcpartpicker pls

I didn't know shit about computers and built this, Skul helped

Still looking for a decent keyboard and display. Suggestions?

Man that post doesn't look as pretty as I was hoping it would.
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@Skullfuk ya man I live in the desert and as you can see totally to buy ass tons of air duster to clean it XD was more clean when I had an aircompressor XD

@hush looks good to me maybe moar powa if you feel like overclocking at ANY point
I don't really see a need to OC my CPU, honestly.
Next thing I'm looking to upgrade is my GPU
I can't wait to see some photos of liaxo's personally made water cooled computer. Last time you only showed us a very tiny part of it.