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Jusmi's Texturing Tutorial Series
Please read in order if you're a beginner.

Part 1 - Introduction and Setup

Part 2 - Values and Shading

(Any typos or grammar mistakes that you find, feel free to message me privately so that I may correct them.)
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Done with this community, you guys suck.
Noice tutorial mate! Just a bit of advice . . .

When you are organizing the order of your tutorial, make it more chronological as if you are making a head texture as you go.

Yknow, start with what you started with, a brief intro of the tutorial and art, then go into mapping and templates. Then you can do rough sketches, introduce layers, follow with inking (if that's how you do your junk), then coloring, shading, etc.

It's kinda like making it interactive, so that people can watch you and make their first (or 50th) head texture while following your lead. This way, no one has to really backtrack, and things will go smoothly.

Keep at it!
Do you personally have the vox templates as the download is broken.

Nice work and I will definitely be using this to start texturing once again. Thank you for the tutorial and hope you post more on it soon!Enjoy all of your art and want to learn from you and more artists.
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