Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
I know the problem about the replays, I've noticed it, but if I remember correctly I believe you have to watch it through completely before being able to slow it down. Try that if you haven't, otherwise I have no idea how to fix it.

I don't have PS installed atm, we'll see, maybe in the future ^^
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It's bad. If I hosted an event and asked for a big youtuber to edit something for it, I'd be disappointed if this is what I got. GKs had an editor that did a good job throwing in creative ideas to fit a theme, you should try to find some inspiration from him. Although some of his pancrop on the text was a bit questionable, it's still a good example.

The text is bad, it looks really bad. The dude's name "Guy1321" didn't even have the same font for the numbers in his name. The text at the very beginning is literally just Sony Vegas preset animations. The part you did animate, where the words stretched out got cut out and switched with another set of text like a powerpoint slide, please for the love of god use the "fade in" and "fade out" features, by clicking the top corners of the clip and dragging them. That, or manually keyframe brightness.

I do a lot of preaching about keeping the focus of the replay centered, where if your keyframing isn't perfect it's possible to fix it using pancrop. The tori literally running off the screen at around 2:10 is a little too much, and to me it shows that you went into this video with "meh who cares how it looks. i don't need to try keyframing again". ExpertCam is a good solution to laziness, since afaik you can edit specific keyframes rather than restarting entirely. Your goal is to showcase replays, you can probably do it a lot better.

The "!" at around 3:58 looks cheesy and pretty poorly done. You could've done literally anything to it to make it easier on the eyes. This, in addition to maybe a shake effect would've been more than enough.

No comment.

I think this video is good for people to see the replays all at once without downloading them, but I'd say that's it to the fullest extent. Everything attempted at putting your own twist on the video looked cheesy or bad, and it seems to have the bare minimum of showcasing the replays with wishywashy keyframing and a few poor choice of angles. I've already brought up being closer to the toris to provide a more interactive camera path, but you didn't and won't consider it being a good option.

If you don't want to take my word for it, link up with someone like Matarika to help you improve.
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I'm Brazilian, i'm alredy fucked every day i wake up

You are right TyZi, There is only one replay where I used the expertcam script (for crcichman), then the script refused to launch again even after several tries :/

I downloaded the last Toribash version, and it seems there are some bugs, the most annoying one is the game crashes like every times after runing a replay once... I have to admit that it made me crazy. And the amazing thing is that I passed back to the previous version but the bug is still there ! x(

The Event Squad didn't requested me to do that video, it was me and the first idea was a simple replay showcasing, not more. I assume that I rushed some parts and had very difficult to make correct keyframes because of that crash bug...

About the texts... I don't really know how to improve myself about texts, after years, it is still one of my biggest weakness.

Most of - good - tutorials that I find on youtube about cc, texts, etc. are in english and my low level in that language is a problem to sometimes understand what I'm watching.

Finally, that video was done in pain and you can see the result... I won't do that anymore. Also thanks for the video link, I forgot about it

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Do u have to pay for request like back then? haha and will you take a request from me? lol

First wip. There are still some effects missing and the very last sequence will be fixed about the camera moves.

My Youtube channel : Mocucha Toribash