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Hey guys im sorry that I put it here but i was wondering if there is an active clan? I mean if any clan still plays clan wars or any events. I totally respect my clan but nobody is active there.
Im trying to be active again since i rejoined a month ago.
If not sorry for creating this thread and thank you for your responses.
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I suggest just watching out for clans ingame that play the same mods as you or if you can, invite people to your clan
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There is activity but not everywhere at all time
my clan for example is exploding right now, but not every member is active every day
Currently I am not active ingame
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Take a look at Clan Discussion and see if there's any clans that suit your personality and level of activity. Check for public Discords if you're looking for a social clan, for clan tags if you're wanting in-game activity, and/or for forum posts if you're looking for a place to post with.

You mentioned in-game activity and forum events? Judging from the Clan List both (xp) and [Damned] are both pretty active in war. If that's your niche, try a clan like them out.

Anyway, I don't really feel like there's many contributions that can be made to this thread outside of clan recommendations and the simple advice that you've already received, so I'm going to close this thread. If you have any questions or concerns, or want to potentially reopen this thread because you feel there's more discussion to be had, please send me a PM.