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(FC) Fight Club Recruitment

Hey you, yes you! Are you lonely throughout the game of Toribash? Do you want to join a friendly and welcoming environment? Do you have what it takes to join a the top ranked clan on the clan leaderboard? A clan always striving to become better? A clan that wars frequently with skilled players?

Well then you've come to the right place.

- If your main skill is in the game you must be Brown Belt or higher (exceptions can be made) WE DO NOT ALLOW ALTS

If not, make sure to show evidence of the aspect you pride yourself in so that it may be reviewed independently

- Forum and In-game activity is paramount if you want to be a part of this clan (Discord will also be required to take an active role in the clan) as this will portray to us whether or not you can be fully dedicated to the clan

- Any short applications will be instantly denied, and if it is templated or cped then your application will also be denied, so make sure your application is thorough and time should be put into it as it is your sole opportunity to get into the clan

-> You must also be Clanless at time of application; so we know that you are fully committed to joining us. <-

NOTE: Your history with other clans will be checked to avoid clan-hoppers, so consider this before applying

This is the bare minimum of what you need yourself to join this clan. Please make sure you fit these before applying or you will be instantly denied.

Now that you have made it this far, it seems you have met the requirements and want to join this clan. It's now time for you to write your application. There are a few things you need to have in your application.

The application must be free-form and must include the following information:

- Age and Gender (optional)

- QI and Belt (At time of application)

- Where do you live (GMT+?)

- What is your history in TB? (Clans, Infractions and anything else, feel free to add story)

- Personal Information (Tell us a bit about yourself outside of Toribash)

- How would you rate your Forum Activity? (1-10)

- How would you rate your In-Game Activity? (1-10)

- Do you pride yourself in Game or on the Forums? (Any Particular Skills?)

- If in Game, please provide minimum 3 replays for reviewing

- Competitive Mods? Aptitude outside of the game?

- If in Forums, please provide evidence of said skill for reviewing

- Do you have Discord? If yes, please provide these.

- Do you have any Connections in Fight Club? This includes any trials or approvals by other members in game (Provide these if possible)

Upon application please allow around a week for the application to be reviewed and you will be replied to by the council with updates on your application as well as any questions

The more detailed your app is, the higher chance you have of getting in the clan. You are not limited to using solely these , feel free to add anything more that you feel will help your chances.

Our Terms

Good Luck to Everyone!

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