one thing I find extremely fun in your replays is how your moves can be somewhat weird and flow smoothly while working pretty well for madmans in general. Reminds me of older toribash guys, such as chezda and war_hero. Another thing I like is how you let dms on tori happen as it was part of the replay, feelsgood

the kicks in 1320 adn 1300 were simply amazing

the whole replay is powerful and precise but movement needs work, it is looking too stiffy. I would recommend going less often for full extensions/contractions
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thank you curie and lionet

i do have a bit of an issue with overextending/contracting i guess, but i kinda like how it looks so im not sure if im going to change that but we'll see

nice job bombarding the whole replay board btw
don't need to actually change, just learn a way to have more control over it. Isn't necessarily a bad thing as long as you aren't messing up your movements, which happens when your joint is so extended/contracted that will take too long to do the reverse action or won't even do it without killing your momentum/flow. If you reach a point where you do those over-joint-actions but still can escape being trapped, then it's all good (I'd still avoid doing this tho)
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Very hectic movement, I'm a fan. The manip starts a little messy as your whole leg rubs on Uke, but gets better.
The first two hits are great but the last one I didn't like very much, broke your leg and was super messy. It pretty much ended the replay as it would be tough to continue after. I like the replay in general but I think the ukebashing was a little brief and underwhelming perhaps.
oh yeah
yea i agree pusga, i do definitely think the ukebashing was very underwhelming and i couldve probably made it look much better if i took my time a bit more. ill probably revisit the replay later and give it the ending it deserves
made this in like 15 minutes waiting on a trove ramp to start

its ok i guess

(pretty much everything in this replay is first try lol)
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