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adding belt info on forum

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adding this line would not hurt, but will be fancy and could serve as some bragging right. i'm pretty sure belt also make some sense in "look" just like postcount etc
I also support it being there for the link. It's so much easier to check their stats and all.
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Okay, that's kinda a spam post but?

So, if this was added, would it have the link or no? I like it but I'm just asking to be sure.
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Belt is important enough to show it in forum, so why not?
also nobody would mind if people will see his belt
I think that is an very good idea. I spend hours to find this info. about certain players (because im dummy ).Fuly Support.
Edit: And no one would mind, and it will bring respect you know, seeing his belt will tell us his experience, and would change things around the forums.
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Necessary? Do you think it's 'necessary' to drink my own urine? No, it isn't, but I do it anyway because it's sterile and I like the taste.

ALSO: Showing posts isn't necessary, neither is showing your join date. Even having the words under your name isn't necessary.
Think about it. ;)

Very good idea, btw. +1 support.