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$1000 PC w/Monitor and Keyboard
I need to make a $1000 PC with the Monitor and Keyboard as i already have a mouse and i want to get rid of this laptop im on and get a new desktop.

I will be using it mainly for gaming and some schoolwork and i've also made one that i will show.

(i want windows 7)
Nice, how do you plan on getting the money to buy it.
The pc looks pretty nice.
The monitor speaks for itself. Looks amazing.
Get an i3 8350K and a Z370 board (not listed on pcpartpicker yet but already buyable) instead. The i3 has the same amout of cores, higher baseclock and is faster on the same clockspeed, 33% more cache (resulting in faster basic tasks like browsing) also bigger overclocking potential.
Also replace the 1x8Gb stick for 2x4Gb to enable dual channel. Rest is good
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Lost: I'm going to be getting the money by selling the pc i already have and whatever money I get for Christmas / birthday as they are in the same month.

Thanks for the suggestion I think I will change it cus you seem to know more than I do...
If it were me, I would not get the 2560x1080 monitor. I would get a 1920x1080 144hz monitor. I have an Asus VG248QE, really good quality and 144hz is so smooth.
Get 2x4GB RAM rather than 1x8GB. Always better to take advantage of dual channel.

If I were you I would also get an SSD for windows and other applications that you will be using quite often. HDD is slow and extremely noisy, so it is definitely worth investing on SSD, even if that means downgrading another component.

I have some doubts about the case. The main problem I see with it from google images is that it has very limited airflow, even at the back, so for GTX 1060 and 7th gen i5 it really doesn't look that promising. If i were you I'd throw in like extra 20 bucks and get something like this (have a full-tower windowed version of it myself, can recommend).

The rest looks fine. As aloa mentioned you might wanna go for 1920x1080 144hz instead, but that's up to a personal preference.
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