i could be your spar buddy if you want. i could also teach you a thing or two

dumb opener
it was nice for your first manipulation
This was quick but meh, it was normal and looks a bit more fluid then it would have on xspar.
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try to be smoother,and make less twitches.
you looks that already got a sense of the dm part,just work on movements.
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Your opener was really twitchy, I didn't dig the way you kicked off and immediately tucked in like that. You have a huge twitch again in preparation for the kick and killed the flow, also didn't care for your leg not moving at all when you did the first kick.

Nice split, but it looked really weak because you contracted it as soon as you split him. I also wish you didn't keep like your entire held while landing. Also when you landed you contracted and extended your knee way too fast for it to look good. Lovely spin though.

I liked how the kick followed up the spin but, again, it didn't look powerful because you held your knee as soon as you decapped him. Also there were three huge twitches after the decap. Wish you landed better too.
Hm, i'll try more next time and use as less holding as i can, also i messed up the normal settings i used on this one i made today, i'll try to be more realistic.
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