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[S] Le Head of Robot
Hai guise, I would like to formally reveal to you a head by Yiazmat that was just recently made a few days ago.

The Amazing Head

Size: 512 (Autoresize)
Recolor: Yes, 5k
Artist: Yiazmat
Previous Owner: Yiazmat
Price: Offer

k thanks ♥♥♥
love yeww
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Buy me food and tell me I'm cute.
Wanna change my Minihawk for it?
Edit... It WAS on market for 10 minutes and now it has been bought... I can give 6k for that head.
No, absolutely not. :P That is much too low. For the amount of work put into it, I would expect at least 3 times that much.
Buy me food and tell me I'm cute.